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The Annual General Meeting of the Shrewsbury Parents Association (SPA) took place on Wednesday 22nd June and provided the opportunity to reflect upon yet another extraordinary year.

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Marking the incredible impact of her team of parent volunteers, Chair, Ms Marie Bernal, offered strong validation and warm appreciation within a celebratory report that otherwise acted to highlight the strength of diversity.

“The SPA is privileged to draw upon the strength and cultural richness afforded to us by our internationally diverse community. Shrewsbury parents foster openness, understanding, sensitivity and adaptation. We reflect countless perspectives, creativity and industriousness.”
Marie Bernal Chair of SPA

The SPA was established by parents to promote close cooperation and positive understanding between the school leaders and the parent community, for the promotion of the School’s Mission and Values. As such, representation and inclusion are critical drivers of recruitment, activity and review.

Within the series of presentations preceding nomination and election, the positive impact of parents and partnership provided a consistent thread.

“The SPA has made an extraordinarily positive impact upon the lives of those in our community this year. Their tireless efforts have lifted spirits, connected, enthralled and inspired. While circumstances have been far from ideal, the determined effort of parents is well recognised and much appreciated.”
Mr Ben Keeling, Principal

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