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CIS Survey

Following the delivery of an effusive Council of International Schools (CIS) preparatory evaluation report containing over 40 distinct commendations, the launch of a community wide survey marked the beginning of an eighteen-month programme of self-study.

Drawing upon contribution from students, parents, staff, governors and alumni, findings have proven to be enormously validating.

Our purpose, direction and strength of leadership feature prominently among our most consistently celebrated strengths. Also highly cherished, our commitment to well-being, challenge and enrichment, the quality of the relationships we share with parents, communication and infrastructural strength.

“We are thrilled to receive such positive feedback and delighted that our commitment to the education of the young people that we are privileged to work alongside is so widely recognised. While there is much to be celebrated here, there are also points certain to stimulate deeper reflection, committed as we are to the continual improvement of school services.”
Ben Keeling, Principal 

Survey findings will be drawn through the delivery of a strategic plan, first launched in 2021. Entitled Together We Flourish, it acts as a celebration of connectedness and community and stands in recognition of the inherent privilege we are afforded in working to harness the enthusiasm, initiative and enterprise of young people. 

This year, the continuing journey of curriculum development will be supplemented by the development of global citizenship and intercultural learning progress maps and a review of our reporting framework.

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