Individual Needs

Individual Needs often emerge and develop in complexity during early childhood - we employ a full-time Individual Needs Coordinator who works across the school to identify and support students who may require additional support or challenge.

The Individual Needs Coordinator works closely with students, parents and staff to plan, monitor and coordinate provision.


Referrals relating to the identification of Individual Need are made by academic staff throughout the school year and are explored by the Individual Needs Coordinator through observation and assessment as consideration is given to the way in which the characteristics observed might be best supported. Early identification and intervention are encouraged in the knowledge that they have a significant positive impact on both attainment and wellbeing.

Students identified as requiring a higher level of support receive an Individual Education Plan containing a specific and personalised set of targets designed to maximise access to and progress through the curriculum. 


Applications featuring a formal diagnosis or specialist report containing information pertaining to required support will be reviewed by the Individual Needs Coordinator, who will assess the adaptations required and the availability of suitable provision. It is important that parents are transparent with the School at the point of application to ensure that staff are in the best possible position to ensure that every child is well catered for upon arrival.

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