We are pleased to offer an extensive range of Extra Curricular Activities to our international Primary School students.

The ECA programme at Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong is designed to allow children to explore interests and develop skills outside of the classroom. We understand that these opportunities provide balance and serve to enhance well being. In doing so, they benefit our students social, physical and academic performance.

Core Activities:

Core activities are safeguarded and hold special status to guarantee a breadth of provision. They remain consistent from term to term and year to year and are classified in one of three ways:

Choir, Drumming, Drama, Dance and Art

Football, Rounders, Athletics and Aquatics

Chess, Book Club, Coding and Chinese Language

Additional Activities:

Additional activities draw from the wider interests and expertise of our teaching staff and may vary from term to term. 

Excellence Programme Activities:

Our Excellence Programme aims to support pupils who are gifted and talented in a range of areas, including Music, Drama and Sport. These activities help our pupils to pursue their dreams and to reach their full potential. Excellence activities usually involve trial, audition or invitation to attend.


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