Strategic Plan: Together We Flourish

A strategic plan designed to support continued growth and development as a centre of excellence over the course of ten years. Together We Flourish acts as a celebration of connectedness and community. It stands in recognition of the inherent privilege we are afforded in working to harness the enthusiasm, initiative and enterprise of young people.

We remain centred upon the relationships we share and those we are yet to develop, on the understanding that we will always be strongest when united. Strategic content works in service of overarching Guiding Statements and acts in direct support of Shrewsbury International Asia, with whom we share a commitment to exceptional standards. 

During our journey towards 2031, we will:


We are clear on our values, have a strong foundation in place and are proud of all we have accomplished. Offering a distinctive vision for the education of young learners, we have experienced a great deal of success. As we move towards 2031, we will act to anchor, protect and nurture our greatest assets.

In order to Embed, we will place explicit focus upon:

School Culture
Routine & Tradition
Organisational Stability


We have ambition, appetite and a restless drive for continued improvement. Our willingness to reflect, redefine and reimagine has proven to be a significant asset in the work already undertaken by the school team. As we move towards 2031, we will utilise and build upon this growing momentum.

In order to Enhance, we will place explicit focus upon:

Opportunity & Experience
Breadth of Expertise


We share a dynamic set of relationships and draw great strength from the wisdom of others. Always keen to engage, we listen carefully and participate with enthusiasm. As we move towards 2031, we will be active in our pursuit of a broader, deeper and more diverse collection of interwoven relationships.

In order to Connect, we will place explicit focus upon engagements with:

Parents, Students & Alumni
Our Professional Network
The Growing Shrewsbury Family


We continue to build a strong position and will seek to gain recognition in accordance with a collection of high and clearly articulated standards. As we move towards 2031, our association with the Council of International Schools and Federation of British International Schools will grow increasingly influential.

In order to Achieve, we will place explicit focus upon:

Formal Accreditation
Regional Recognition
Collectively Defined Targets

"Coming as a result of extensive consultation, Together We Flourish draws upon rich heritage, a defining ambition unique to Shrewsbury schools and the voices of our own proud community. It will act to guide, inform and inspire operational planning and the work undertaken by the school team each day." Mr Ben Keeling, Principal

We have grand aspiration: to build on our accomplishments, enhance our reputation and drive positively forward, embracing every arising opportunity. Intus si recte ne labora - if the heart is right, all will be well.

Download a full copy of our Strategic Plan here.

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