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With the visit of representatives from the Council of International Schools (CIS) drawing particular attention this week, I'm able to reflect with enormous pride upon the contributions made by colleagues over the course of the last five days. The depth of their expertise and commitment to the lives and successes of our student population has been well noted by our visitors. A written report is scheduled to land with us early in the new calendar year.

Tonight, we toast our alumni at an inaugural dinner event and I very much look forward to the return of a few familiar faces. The time reminiscing will contrast neatly with discussion of the determined ambition we share for the future.

Just two weeks of our first term remain. Between then and now, we have much to achieve before we ring in the arrival of a winter break with the delivery of academic reports and a seasonal musical concert.

Following the successful hosting of an enthusiastic group of prospective parents on Saturday, this week built neatly towards the successful delivery of an extraordinary pantomime performance from students in Year 6. Oh yes it did.

On Monday, we welcome representatives from the Council of International Schools (CIS) to Hong Kong for a five-day team evaluation visit. During their time with us, we will work through a detailed written submission and further refine our reflections upon the ways in which we can further enhance the experiences of the students in our care.

Another exhibition of an engrained commitment to Reflection and Renewal, those keen to learn more about the guiding statements that stand central to a Shrewsbury education can do so here.

Having drawn the first phase of a strategically inspired service programme to a satisfactory conclusion, we can reflect positively upon the impact it has had on a group of young learners who emerge more knowledgeable and understanding of the many challenges faced by those suffering as a result of poverty. With interactions designed to engage, affect and inspire our remarkable student population, the fire has been lit.

Also marked by the conclusion of our first lesson observation cycle, an engagement with members of the Education Committee at the British Chamber and delivery of a school selection seminar for friends at JoyStem International Kindergarten, I now look forward to engaging with two groups of prospective parents tomorrow morning on campus.

Next week, students in Year 6 will take centre stage for their pantomime performance. Oh yes they will.

With time at the annual Leadership Conference with the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) stimulating most considerable reflection upon the impact our students can have upon the world around them, I conclude the week with Remembrance Day on the horizon. Lest we forget.

An athletics meet, a parents workshop and a flurry of lesson observations behind us, we now look forward. Next week will see the conclusion of a first phase of charitable endeavour undertaken in partnership with Box of Hope. Part of a service programme designed to challenge, engage, affect and inspire, students will next engage with HandsOn Hong Kong on the subject of social isolation among the elderly population.

On Saturday 18th November, I look forward to hosting a group of parents keen to learn more about the many unique advantages of a Shrewsbury education. If you would like to join us, please sign up here.

I close the week outside of the region in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, having recently arrived for the annual Leadership Conference with the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) and can reflect upon a typically energetic start to the second half of our first school term. Featuring a visit from members of the Board of Governors and delivery of a spectacular Halloween Ball by the Shrewsbury Parents Association, we can now look forward to a flurry of upcoming events and performances sure to delight and inspire.

Bringing school leaders from across the region together, the FOBISIA conference centres upon collaboration and inclusivity this year and will feature keynote contributions from Sir Clive WoodwardLisa Tregale and Tim Jarvis. I'll return for an Athletics Meet with students in Key Stage 1 and a parent workshop designed to support non-native users with the support of Chinese fluency.

Having spent part of the mid-term break outside of the region, I greatly look forward to the return of students and the arrival of members of the Board of Governors on Monday.

With a campus tour and a Halloween Ball to navigate before I set off for Kuala Lumpur and the Annual Leadership Conference with the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA), it looks likely to be an involving and engaging week. An upcoming visit from associates of the Council of International Schools is also now front of mind, as preparation for a November accreditation visit nears conclusion.

Following an eventful evening with parent representatives, we drew the end of a productive half term to a close with a day of professional learning centring upon the development of writing across the curriculum and preparation for an upcoming accreditation visit with the Council of International Schools.

Next week will provide an opportunity to reflect and reset. Students are set to return on Monday 30th October and they will be joined by members of the Board of Governors who will be supporting a range of activities on campus over the course of two days. A Halloween Ball and a Digital Campus Tour will land before I set off for Kuala Lumpur and the Annual Leadership Conference with the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA).

A week away from the onset of our first mid-term break, I reflect most profoundly upon the many inspiring insights gained during a recent round of extraordinarily well-attended Parent Teacher Conferences - a signal of the depth of our commitment to these treasured partners, it seems entirely appropriate that we are set to conclude with a day of professional learning on Friday 20th October.

Attention will centre upon our programme for writing, with curriculum coordinators Ellie Woods, Lissie Rowe and Sam Taborn leading an early series of workshops, before colleagues are given time to review our finalised submission for accreditation with the Council of International Schools. Between now and then, an evening event with parent representatives and local members of the Board of Governors stands most prominently.

With just four school days remaining, I hope that the mid-term break serves to nourish and reinvigorate all members of the community. We will return on Monday 30th October.

With our first formal lesson observation cycle up and running, I reflect with great satisfaction upon the nature of discourse inspired: the purposeful dissection of learning experiences will support the refinement of our professional development priorities, bolster the planning of the Teaching and Learning Committee and feed our Strategic Plan. Able to conclude with the evening presentation of twenty extraordinary musical performances in the Recital Hall, we look ahead to the penultimate week of our first half term and the launch of Parent Teacher Conferences.

Enabling the triangulation of views, our time with parents will primarily centre upon observations connected to social and learning behaviours. Those on campus will also enjoy the opportunity to explore recorded work in books, files and folders. Next week will also see the delivery of a third parent workshop, with School Health Professional, Dr Esperanza Ciriaco, presenting on the subject of childhood immunity.

Delivery of a second workshop in the Five Ways series, a productive meeting with the Shrewsbury Parents Association and an engagement with friends at Goldman Sachs all featured this week, following attendance at an International Schools Fair over the weekend.

With the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day back-to-back, students will be in from Tuesday next week. I am also excited to welcome the dawn of our first formal lesson observation cycle. An historically productive window, findings will feed our Strategic Plan, support the refinement of our professional development priorities and bolster the planning of the Teaching and Learning Committee.

Soon to put pen to paper of the production of a first set of papers for the Board of Governors, we have an exciting run of activity on approach to a mid-term break in just three weeks time.

The hosting of colleagues from two of our sister schools took centre stage this week, with those travelling in from Thailand keen to learn more about provision for students who engage in English as an additional language and those fresh from the UK keen to engage on music and performance. Also able to reflect upon the uplifting launch of our Secondary School Selection programme with parents of students in Year 4, we now have attendance at an international schools fair tomorrow on our horizon.

Speaking as part of a panel on curriculum, assessment and school selection, I look forward to reconnecting with colleagues across the region and to engaging with parents keen to secure the very best available primary education for their young children.

Next week will see the delivery of our second parent workshop under the title Five Ways to Develop Mathematical Fluency. If you haven't yet had the opportunity to register for this or any of the other upcoming sessions, you can do so here.

Despite the inclement weather, spirits were high this week thanks to the delivery of our first campus tour of the new academic year, the launch of a refreshed parent workshop schedule and a double helping of assembly fun, courtesy of Year 5 and 6.

Next week, we can look forward to hosting guests from two of our sister schools, with colleagues from Thailand and the UK landing on Tuesday and Friday, respectively. We'll pivot upon an interaction with the School Management Committee and close with attendance at an International Schools Fair hosted by friends at the South China Morning Post. Parents of students in Year 4 will also have the opportunity to luxuriate in the company of School Partnerships Manager, Chelly Tsang, at the launch of our Secondary School Selection presentation after school on Thursday.

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