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Principal's Blog

20 Nov 2020

With news of the suspension of classes up to Year 4 (or P3 in the local system) breaking at the very end of the week, our academic team have done an exceptional job in rallying round to ensure that parents are well informed ahead of Monday as we move online once more.

I am able to reflect with great pride upon the standard of learning evident in classrooms since our return to campus, but we have long suspected that an ability to transition fluidly and learn creatively would define our forward journey. A series of digital workshops, routine collaboration cross conference and the filming of a video pantomime short would suggest that our skillset is suitably well refined.

We head into the weekend with great optimism: tomorrow morning I will be joined by members of the academic team at an International Schools Fair hosted by friends at the South China Morning Post.

The festive season is almost upon us - it will bring us together, stronger, always.

13 Nov 2020

An incredible week packed with activity concluded with the unfortunate news that Early Years classes will be suspended across Hong Kong for the coming two weeks. Shrewsbury families will be reassured to learn that our Online Learning Programme is ready for immediate launch. Informed by the experiences of students, parents and staff, it offers a broad and balanced framework that promotes regular social contact and small group interaction, while safeguarding the experiences of the many families who require a flexible and adaptable programme of study.

With a keen eye on the International Schools Festival scheduled to take place on 21st November hosted by our friends at the South China Morning Post, I also look forward to attending a second parent workshop on the theme of reading for pleasure and an assembly led by Year 3 next week. December now on the horizon, I have also been watching the emergence of what promises to be an extravagant pantomime performance led by students in Year 5 and 6.

06 Nov 2020

What a pleasure it has been to welcome students back onto campus this week following a brief mid-term break. With embedded routines supporting the continuation of lunch services, swimming lessons and co-curricular activity, we have a great deal to be thankful for.

The first meeting of our newly elected Student Councillors, a digital tour for prospective parents and a meeting with the Shrewsbury Parents Association stand as particular highlights - colourful House Team displays marked an appropriately celebratory end. With the results of our first full school community survey also beginning to drift in, it is clear that we have a great deal to be proud of and a great deal of ambition for the future.

Next week, I will begin the first in a series of formal classroom visits connected to our performance management cycle and can look forward to welcoming friends from the Department for International Trade at the British Chamber and the Chief Executive Officer of the Victoria Kindergarten group onto campus.

30 Oct 2020

Well rested and raring to go, I thoroughly look forward to the return of students on Tuesday. And on the theme of reconnection, I fully expect that a flurry of scheduled engagements will all add vibrancy to what promises to be a fascinating first week. Meetings with our School Supervisor and Director of Schools will be supplemented by the opportunity to connect with International Development Director at Shrewsbury School, Mr Maghin Tamilarasan, and another touchpoint with colleagues at the British Chamber.

Before then, an opportunity to meet prospective families at the Kindergarten Fair tomorrow courtesy of our friends at The Standard and a professional development day for the academic team centring on language development and curriculum revision.

23 Oct 2020

A meeting with the Board of Governors and an exceptional set of musical performances during our first recital evening of the year provided a fitting end to a remarkable first half term. A break next week comes well earned - the time away will provide an opportunity to recuperate, reflect and plan for next steps designed to further accelerate academic progress. 

Our time together so far this year has been rather more heavily punctuated than we may have hoped. I would like to take this opportunity to recognise and celebrate the incredible professionalism of a school team that has had a profound impact upon the lives of students and families. 

And I look forward to engaging again in November - first for a day of academic development guided by our Curriculum Committee and then to the arrival of students on Tuesday 3rd.