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Principal's Blog

14 February 2020

I have said before that challenging times often bring communities together - and it is with great pride that I have observed the diligence and fortitude of students, parents and staff through our shared digital platform. The impact of positive social connection on our wider sense of wellbeing is palpable.

While we all understand that further suspension acts as a necessary control measure to combat further spread of Convid-19, the pang of disappointment upon receipt of formal notification yesterday afternoon hit many hard. We all want to see the resumption of regular service and I continue to work closely with both the British Chamber and colleagues across the region in an attempt to explore every avenue of opportunity. 

Next week will see the launch of our mobile library and a series of digitally driven Parent Teacher Conferences. I very much look forward to hearing your news and, of course, to the return of students and classes at the earliest possible opportunity.

07 February 2020

We've enjoyed a wonderful first week back at school, marked most notably by the creativity and enthusiasm exhibited by students, parents and teachers: response to the launch of our online platform has been fantastic. Fresh from filming our Star of the Week award in the Auditorium, I look forward to hearing more about the broad range of learning outcomes submitted next week. 

Plans for upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences now emerging, I very much look forward to welcoming the academic team back onto campus on Monday for our regular briefing - we also look ahead to a busy tour schedule for prospective parents thanks to the continued efforts of our wonderful Marketing and Admissions Teams and a visit from our friends at Hong Kong Living.

31 January 2020

Much of the focus of the operational team this week has been placed upon the rescheduling of events in light of a recent announcement by the Education Bureau leading an extension of the mid-term break - a flurry of private campus tours have certainly kept the Admissions Team warm. As we cast an eye beyond our immediate surroundings, thoughts remain with those most significantly affected by events unfolding.

Monday will see the return of our academic team for a pre-scheduled training day, before we endeavour to reconnect with students via a timetabled programme of online learning - we look forward to hearing about their time away from school. I also have high hopes for an upcoming engagement with the Executive Committee before I consider formation of my termly Governors Report.

24 January 2020

A return from Shropshire was impeccably timed - we have enjoyed a week of colour, dance, language and culture in celebration of the arrival of Chinese New Year. 

Culminating in a remarkable retelling of a story centred around an incredible animal race and a drumming performance offering both verve and vibrancy, I would like to thank everyone able to support events this week - contribution has been both broad and generous. 

I do hope that families enjoy their time together during a mid-term break that falls a little earlier than usual. We very much look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Tuesday 4th February.

May the year ahead bring health, happiness and prosperity.

Kung Hei Fat Choi - 新年快乐

17 January 2020

A wonderful (if wet) week in Shropshire, has proven hugely productive. Generously hosted by friends and colleagues at Shrewsbury School, I have worked closely with City Campus Principal, Ms Amanda Dennison in an effort to extend our talented academic teams - and we have not been disappointed. Our reputation has framed conversations neatly and I now look forward to a succession of Prep School visits with regional partners.

Relationships with Packwood Haugh, Moor Park and Terra Nova continue to bloom. I am particularly looking forward to spending a little time with 2019 Shrewsbury graduate, Harris, following a conversation with Director of Music, Mr John More, who was keen to share news of grand success.

I return to Hong Kong over the weekend and look forward to catching up on preparations for Chinese New Year - a celebration of colour, dance and song awaits!