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Principal's Blog

22 Oct 2021

A flurry of celebratory events and engagements drew a gloriously productive first half term to a suitably satisfying conclusion. Given the disruption we have experienced over the last twelve months, these are moments to be savoured.

Highlights from the week include meetings with British Consul-General, Mr Brian Davidson, and the Consul-General of Mexico, Ambassador Pablo Macedo Riba, the delivery of presentations on the subject of Early Years and Chinese language learning held at our Central based gallery space, and an evening with parents and Governors at the Clear Water Bay Country Club. 

We enter a mid-term break feeling grateful for the time we have enjoyed together, ever mindful of the constraints faced by others. The academic team will be back on campus for a series of sessions led by the Teaching and Learning committee prior to the return of students on Tuesday 2nd November.

15 Oct 2021

A week most prominently characterised by the departure of one storm and the arrival of another, a calmer forecast lies ahead for the last week of what has been a joyously eventful half term.

Just five days remain. A final set of Parent Teacher Conferences fall one evening prior to an engagement with Class Representatives, the Shrewsbury Parents Association and locally based members of the Board of Governors. I then look forward to meeting with both the newly arrived British Consul-General, Mr Brian Davidson, over lunch and the relatively established Consul-General of Mexico, Ambassador Pablo Macedo Riba, on campus during an event designed to celebrate cultural interconnection - my week will conclude with an engagement at our Central based gallery space.

The arrival of a mid-term break will allow us to draw breath - and to savour the vast range of engagements scheduled to take place between now and the end of the calendar year.

08 Oct 2021

The steady accumulation of details for an upcoming report to the Board of Governors and School Management Committee has provided a continuous thread through a week which also featured a first round of Parent Teacher Consultations and an engagement with Class Representatives, a group of volunteers who act in support of fluid communication between home and school. With the first phase of our Performance Management cycle also drawing to a conclusion, professional dialogue has provided a common theme.

Monday will see the dawn of the penultimate week of what has proven to be an outstanding first half term. An engagement with the Shrewsbury Parents Association now fixed in my diary, we will also act to finalise preparations for the remote delivery of a series of information sessions on the 20th, 21st and 22nd October and a staff training day on 1st November.

01 Oct 2021

A week characterised by key engagements with the Thai Embassy, the Shrewsbury Parents Association, a group of Kindergarten partners and a collection of prospective parents both digitally and in person, I have also now begun to make preparation for the presentation of thoughts and reflections to the Board of Governors and School Management Committee by means of a detailed written report. Due for submission in a few weeks' time, it will act to mark the journey of recovery, from half days to full days and what has been an outstanding start to a new school year.

A first cycle of Parent Teacher Conferences will begin next week. Primarily designed to focus thinking upon the way in which children have settled into their new class groups, it will be good to reconnect, whether digitally or in person. We can also look forward to the return of Class Assemblies - Year 4 are up next.

24 Sep 2021

The colourful celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival fell in the middle of a week also marked by the launch of a new strategic plan designed to guide engagement and activity over the course of the next decade. A celebration of connectedness and community, Together We Flourish stands in recognition of the inherent privilege we are afforded in working to harness the enthusiasm, initiative and enterprise of young people.

I now look ahead to an engagement with friends at the South China Morning Post tomorrow morning. Forming part of an International Schools Fair, breakfast with a collection of school leaders across the region will be followed by a panel discussion in which I plan to explore the distinctions and relative benefits of the many different curricular programmes available to parents in Hong Kong.

Next week, I'll be joining an event led by the Thai Consulate and hosting a twilight tour of our wonderful campus.