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Principal's Blog

25 Sep 2020

Following a successful series of orientation sessions, the return of students in Key Stage 2 has proven enormously significant - our campus, once more, is full of life, laughter and learning. 

I stand in great admiration of the way in which our students have responded to several small but significant adjustments to emerging routines on return. Their diligence and maturity have been both impressive and affecting. I would also like to highlight the incredible support we have received from parents - their kindness, generosity and considerate observance of arising guidance continues to be well recognised and much appreciated.

Next week will bring another round of excitement as Early Years and Key Stage 1 classes resume. And our patience will be well rewarded: full school days await.

18 Sep 2020

This week saw the return of our youngest students for orientation sessions led by our academic team ahead of their return for full school days later this month. A particularly critical juncture in the journey of those new to the school, Early Years classes were first to return on Wednesday. 

Other highlights included a conference call with City Campus Principal, Ms Amanda Dennison, centring on high quality learning, a meeting with the Executive Committee and a first gathering of the British Chamber's Education Committee this academic year.

Next week will see the return of Key Stage 2, first for orientation and then the resumption of usual services, to include a full Co-Curricular programme, thanks to the generous support of the Education Bureau. While application required a huge amount of work, we are extremely well prepared and will cherish every moment afforded to us.

11 Sep 2020

With plans for the return of students for full days on campus from 23rd September now with parents, school has been abuzz with activity in preparation for class group orientation next week.

An evening webinar, hosted by the Shrewsbury Parents' Association, proved to be a useful opportunity to further explore the planning process. Preparation for implementation has proven complex and we will need to be patient upon return as new routines settle.

And I've been busy with prospective parents too, almost 100 chose to join our live digital tour this week. A brief introduction to the unique benefits of primary-centred education was followed by an extended walk around campus, to include a series of exclusive classroom visits. No doubt, it's a format we will revisit.

04 Sep 2020

With news of possible resumption breaking on Monday, much of my time this week has been spent in engagement with the Education Bureau. I am delighted to be able to share that it remains our firm intention to welcome all Shrewsbury students safely back to campus for full school days before the end of the month.

Preparations for the personal hosting of a digital tour group have also been gaining momentum this week. Scheduled to take place at 10:00 on Thursday 10th September, I understand that subscriptions from prospective parents have been growing at quite an unprecedented rate. I'll be acting as presenter and camera operator as we journey around campus mid-morning and very much look forward to sharing a view of the online learning programme in action.

28 Aug 2020

We have thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with students and families during our first school week of the new academic year.

With class teachers supporting daily connection in small groups, extended and specialist provision is available on-demand. And while we remain committed to continual reflection, the balance we have been able to achieve is serving us well so far. The campus is brimming with engagement.

I have also benefited from the opportunity to engage with our wider support network this week. Discussions with Shrewsbury Riverside Principal, Mr Chris Seal, and Director of Schools, Dr Tim Nuttall, exhibited our collaborative capacity, while engagements with the British Consulate and Education Bureau acted to underpin the strength of our regional position.