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Principal's Blog

14 May 2021

News regarding the imminent return of full school days brought cheer from all quarters this week - know that we will all revel in the banality of normalcy. The extended day will act as a particularly fitting reward for our parents, who have proven immensely supportive and boundlessly patient. And how joyous it has been to hear more about their experiences in recent weeks through a published story series.

The Lau, Choi and Liang families have spoken with conviction and sincerity about their commitment to our school - how fitting that the week also saw the launch of a parent library containing over 60 titles to date. The award of our very first Achievement Scholarships ensured that the week closed as positively as it had begun.

Punctuated by a national holiday on Wednesday, next week will mark the midpoint of our final term. I particularly look forward to taking part in a seminar on the future of education as part of a panel discussion on the development of social and emotional skills among young learners.

07 May 2021

What a privilege it has been to explore the experiences and motivations of an extraordinary collection of teachers all keen to join our ranks here in Hong Kong during a second and final recruitment round ahead of the 2021/22 academic year.

Also able to reflect on an exceedingly positive week of design and innovation centring on the theme of flight, I now look forward to engagements with the School Management Committee and the Board of Governors. With Term 3 Reports already well underway, we will soon be planning for graduation and the celebration of contributions made by our wonderful Year 6 students.

30 Apr 2021

This week began with lunch alongside Acting British Consul-General, Ms Tamsin Heath, and a host of esteemed colleagues from across the region. Conversation prompted a great deal of reflection and acted to support a positive view of our shared onward journey following a tumultuous 18 months.

A meeting with a collection of parents keen to learn more about nomination for the Shrewsbury Parents Association ahead of an Annual General Meeting provisionally scheduled to take place on 9th June proved to be a particular highlight this week and I now look forward to entering a second and final recruitment round of the year. We have interviews arranged with a wildly talented group and I greatly look forward to learning more about their views and experiences.

Having recently opened the book on a third and final report to the Board of Governors, I now cast a tentative eye towards the end of term and the successful graduation of our Year 6 students, a proud and capable group deserving of great fanfare.

23 Apr 2021

With swimming back on the timetable and a new routine settling fast, a meeting with Class Representatives brought our second week of term to a tidy conclusion. Keen to gather feedback on arrangements in place, it was also important to thank parent volunteers for their immeasurably positive impact on life at school during such turbulent times.

A lunch with Acting British Consul-General on Monday follows the collective drafting of a letter to the Chief Executive on behalf of the Education Committee. Acting in recognition of the positive steps taken by the government, we continue to lobby in the best interests of those connected to educational services in the region.

An evening with the Shrewsbury Parents Association on Wednesday will focus upon recruitment for the 2021/22 academic year, while a twilight digital tour on Thursday will provide me with an opportunity to engage with another large group of families eager to learn more about what Shrewsbury has to offer.

On Friday, I'll join the queue for my second Covid-19 vaccination.

16 Apr 2021

A small but significant series of revisions to our learning schedule this week have supported a very positive start to our third and final term of the current academic year. The return of aquatics lessons on Monday will keep spirits high as we look ahead with great anticipation. 

A meeting with the School Management Committee on Wednesday will support the finalisation of our Staff Map for 2021/22 and with interviews soon to be arranged with a host of candidates keen to join our ranks, we will begin planning for an early phase of induction shortly.

Other highlights of the week ahead include the return of Class Assemblies - and Year 3 will take to the stage first. With performance playing a lead role in linguistic and collaborative development as well as self-confidence, we very much look forward to hearing more from students across the school as the term rolls forward.