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Principal's Blog

03 Apr 2020

Today marks the end of a term like no other. Recent parent survey feedback validates the incredible effort of an academic team who have worked tirelessly to develop and deliver an ever-more sophisticated series of engagements for students - it also highlights the enormity of the challenge facing families during a period of extended isolation. We continue to work closely in partnership, as committed as ever.

With new House Team names confirmed, news that Anise House has maintained a slender lead confirms their position as favourites to be the very first recipient of the Shrewsbury House Cup at the end of the year - Hook, Balsam, Krasser, Hutch and Bauhinia Houses remain in hot pursuit!

To parents and friends of the school, I wish you all the very best for the end of Spring Term break. Restricted as I know your movement will be, you are doing an excellent job at an extremely difficult time. Be kind to yourself and be kind to those around you.

27 Mar 2020

A second survey of parents followed an extended digital meeting with Class Representatives this week, as we continue to reflect in order to refine our online learning programme. Questions centre around two universally relevant themes during these troubled times: motivation and connection. I look forward to sharing results next week.

The renaming of Houses has dominated digital dialogue. Initially named in honour of Founding Graduates (Chau, Chen, Choi, Lian, Lo and Wu), the new titles are hotly anticipated. Led by Student Representatives, we expect a final announcement imminently.

Next week will be the last of a truly exceptional Term. Very few of us would have dared to forecast the application of such an extended period of suspension when we first received notice from the Education Bureau at the onset of Chinese New Year. Yet here we are - eight weeks in. The journey has tested us all.

I feel deeply humbled by the support and kindness I have received - students, parents and staff: thank you. 

20 Mar 2020

A meeting with the Deputy Secretary of Education on Wednesday acted to underline the willingness and creativity of city leaders keen to explore the various challenges currently faced by schools and families. Remaining united during a period of such great turmoil will serve us well - continued dialogue drives mutual understanding.

Ongoing discussion with the School Management Committee and advisory Board of Governors has also proven productive. They plan to reach out to Shrewsbury parents next week with an offer of direct support to those in greatest need. Families keen to explore the relationships we share (and the expertise we are able to draw upon) in more detail can now do so via a dedicated policy document available on our website here.

With breaking news from Europe and the United States dominating headlines - our thoughts remain with those most severely affected. We watch closely to observe the impact of regional travel restrictions and wait in hope for news on return for Term 3.

13 Mar 2020

A significant portion of my week has been spent in close communication with school leaders outside of Hong Kong keen to explore our journey through suspension - first on the list was a call with Shrewsbury School and International Development Director, Mr Maghin Tamilarasan. We face a unique set of challenges here of course, but many of the lessons learned have proven useful for others.

Back at home, the impact of an increasingly regular set of engagements designed to stoke personal engagement is becoming clear. For students, parents and teachers, the opportunity to connect is immeasurably valuable. An extended period of relative social isolation has taken a toll. With three weeks remaining before the end of term, we are all hopeful of a return to campus on 20th April.

Next week, I journey to Central Government Offices to meet with the Deputy Secretary for Education, Ms Priscilla Ho, and connect once more with our Executive Committee.

06 Mar 2020

An excellent (digital) meeting with the Board of Governors and School Management Committee last night opened with a full and firm recognition of the outstanding work being undertaken by the school team during a uniquely challenging period. Book Week stands as a shining example of their creativity, adaptability and flair.

Special readings, live learning sessions and (book themed) potato decoration have enthralled students and delivered record levels of engagement. Continued diligence in regard to the variety of connection afforded to families through our online learning programme stands as a key response to the outcome of a recent parent survey centred upon wider well-being - a recognition that 'the more regularly children access the online learning platform, the more motivated and connected they feel' stands as a real validation of the quality of service already available.

Next week, I look forward to connecting with International Development Director at Shrewsbury School, Mr Maghin Tamilarasan, as our host school consider best possible response to arising risk.