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Principal's Blog

13 May 2022

With blustery weather a feature throughout, the week was most prominently marked by the visit of Council of International Schools (CIS) Support and Evaluation Officer, Ms Helena Sobulis. Initial feedback highlighted the positive impetus illustrated by a team boundlessly committed to the ambitions and wellbeing of an exceptionally dedicated student body. 

The strength of governance identified as another key asset, I will benefit from the opportunity to reflect more formally alongside the School Management Committee next week, where an upcoming meeting with the Board of Governors will also prove a keen point of discussion. Those keen to learn more about the way in which the school is advised, can do so here.

An engagement with the Education Committee at the British Chamber will provide a different, but no less valuable, counterpoint.

06 May 2022

Preparations for the visit of the Council of International Schools (CIS) Support and Evaluation Officer, Ms Helena Sobulis, now complete, we look forward to sharing all of the many things that make a Shrewsbury education unique: while enormously proud of the progress our students make, it is the quality of the relationships we share that truly define us.

CIS is a membership community working collaboratively to develop global citizens through the delivery of high quality international education, connecting ideas, cultures and educators from every corner of the world - parents keen to learn more can do so here.

Visits to classrooms and meetings with students, parents, staff and governors will provide a holistic view, further contextualised by the details contained within a written report, previously submitted. Reflections will be drawn through the light provided by our own Mission and Values statements.

Next week will also allow for the finalisation of materials due for submission in advance of a final engagement with the Board of Governors this year.

29 Apr 2022

With plans for an upcoming Preparatory Evaluation Visit with the Council of International Schools now well underway, the second week of our third term has provided an illustration of our very greatest strengths: an effortful commitment and uplifting camaraderie pervades.

Following return from an extended weekend break, the finalisation of plans for the arrival of assigned School Support and Evaluation Officer, Ms Helena Sobulis, will draw deserving focus - our commitment to the process of renewal is deeply engrained and we very much look forward to the undertaking of a formal and structured reflection, informed by a robust and internationally recognised framework. Next week will also see the gathering of Student Council and the resumption of our Class Assembly schedule.

22 Apr 2022

The thrilling return of students to campus this week followed a period of exactly fifty consecutive school days observed online. The last four days have not only illustrated the incredible strength and influence of the relationships we share, but validated the admirable commitment exhibited by all during such an extended phase of physical disconnection. With students having quickly found their rhythm, the future looks bright indeed.

While keen to continue to luxuriate in the company of our wonderful students, I also look forward to engaging with assigned Council of International Schools Evaluation Officer, Ms Helena Sobulis, next week, ahead of a Preparatory Evaluation Visit scheduled to take place in May. A meeting with the Shrewsbury Parents Association and the opening of my third and final report to the Board of Governors will also help to keep me well occupied.

At the end of an otherwise jubilant week, I would also like to take this opportunity to mark the passing of Mr Robin Chan earlier this week. Father of Chairman, Mr Bernard Chan, esteemed entrepreneur, philanthropist and ardent supporter of Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong, on behalf of the school community, I extend our deepest and sincerest condolences.

15 Apr 2022

With news from the Education Bureau breaking earlier in the week, it is with both excitement and anticipation that we look forward to the return of students on Tuesday 19th April for the start of our third term. While some may find themselves feeling a little anxious about the journey ahead, they can rest assured that we are exceptionally well placed to support the safe and seamless return of students and remain absolutely committed to the health and wellbeing of children as a first priority.

In the knowledge that cases observed among the student population are now unlikely to have a radical impact upon the service available to others, we enter uncharted territory. A new set of challenges and opportunities will emerge. A pre-scheduled, mid-week touchpoint with the School Management Committee will provide a valuable opportunity to reflect upon our early observations.