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Outdoor Educational Visits

Students in Year 4, 5 and 6 recently took part in a series of outdoor educational visits designed to encourage independence, the harnessing of personal responsibility and awareness of our duty of care for others.

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Supporting the adventurous activities strand of our Physical Education programme, students were put to the test out in the New Territories, with Canyoning, Hiking and Search and Rescue sessions proving particularly popular.

“Students performed admirably,” shared Visit Leader, Alex Sadler. “They have learned a lot about themselves and a lot about their peers. While we return ready for a rest, we’ll be considerably stronger for our experiences.”

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Back on campus late on Friday night for collection by parents, students spoke effusively about the opportunities they had been afforded, the deepening of the relationships they share and their personal growth.

“We were all a little nervous on the first day,” explained Year 6 Student, Tony. “It didn’t take us long to warm up though. The trip was physically demanding, but incredibly rewarding. It’s been a fantastic experience all round.”

“Educational Visits enhance and enrich learning,” observed Shrewsbury Principal, Ben Keeling. “They support and extend the many varied experiences our students enjoy whilst they are on campus and partner neatly with an ambitious Co-Curricular offering that underlines a deep rooted commitment to holistic education.”

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