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2021 Scholars Return: Yazhuo and Vison

Inaugural Achievement Scholars, Yazhuo and Vison, returned to Shrewsbury for a quick catch up with Principal, Ben Keeling, who was keen to learn more about their experiences and successes post graduation. Approaching the end of their first year at King George V and Chinese International School, respectively, they spoke positively about their journey so far and chose to share a few of their very fondest memories.

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"I joined Shrewsbury in August 2018," enthused Vison. A founding student, he joined a brave new cohort and remembers those early days of discovery with great fondness. "Relationships formed quickly - the teachers were every bit as enthusiastic as we were to make the most of the incredible facilities available to us."

Yazhuo joined a year later, having relocated from Beijing. "The first few weeks were quite daunting," she explained. "My English skills were still developing, but my teachers were kind and patient. They could see my potential and made sure that I fulfilled it."

Yazhuo and Vison graduated in the summer of 2022 with an exemplary record of attainment and progress at a moving ceremony in the presence of family and friends. "I didn’t cry, but I was close," smiled Vison. " We were sad to be leaving, but knew that we were ready for everything ahead of us."

"I was excited to share my thoughts and feelings with my classmates," reflected Yazhuo, "we had come so far together."


Recalling their first few weeks in Year 7, Yazhuo described a "dizzy" feeling, as she laughed about early misadventures with lesson timings, a complex new timetable construct and a multi-building campus connected by internal roads.

"The first few weeks were certainly a challenge," agreed Vison, "but we had all the skills in place to settle quickly, both socially and academically."

As conversation ebbed and flowed, old memories returned: residential camps, swimming classes, competitions and events. "Life at Secondary School is enormous fun, but I do miss it here," mused Yazhuo. "The relationships we shared were so special."

"'It’s only after you leave, that you really understand what a special place Shrewsbury is," explained Vison.


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