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Reflection and Renewal

With a commitment to ‘continuous evaluation, improvement and growth’ embedded within our guiding statements, our appetite for the gathering of feedback from parents should come as no surprise. A recent survey highlighted particular connection with our singular commitment to the lives and experiences of younger students and appreciation for the quality and calibre of Shrewsbury staff.


"The School provides a high quality education and supports the development of well rounded students." Year 4 parent

Parents were also keen to highlight the happiness of their child at school, the progress they have made and the way in which The School communicates.

"Shrewsbury staff are positive and polite - they are supportive and responsive." Year 4 parent

We journey towards the end of our fifth academic year with a proud and strong community around us and continue to grow, primarily as a result of recommendation.


"Our parents have always proven to be outstanding partners. They care deeply about the lives and successes of their children and have proven boundlessly committed to the efforts of the school team. While enormously proud of the progress our students make, it is the quality of the relationships we share that truly define us." Ben Keeling, Principal

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