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A Shrewsbury Story: Loidis and Ozwyn’s Family

Keen to learn more about our incredible community, we speak to a Shrewsbury family every month to find out about their journey, their aspiration and their hopes for the future. This month is the turn of Loidis and Ozwyn’s family - this is their story:

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“It was the way in which diversity and inclusivity were celebrated that confirmed in our minds that Shrewsbury would be our school. The fact that our children would gain full access to the incredible range of facilities available at the age of just three was a sign to us that they would be valued and championed at every step of their journey.”

“Loidis and Ozwyn talk a lot about school. They particularly enjoy Choral lessons, their time in the Aquatics Centre and Chinese language lessons. Their strong sense of belonging and connection transcends the school day however - they were incredibly excited to spot another Shrewsbury family as we boarded the plane for a recent holiday break.”

“We would strongly encourage anyone considering Shrewsbury for their children to reach out to an enrolled family through the admissions team. While there are many options out there, none will offer the experiences of and opportunities available at Shrewsbury.”

“Hong Kong offers a lifestyle of extreme convenience. More than anything else, we like to spend our free time hanging out in the Sai Kung neighbourhood with our children and pets.”

Huge thanks to James and Michael for participating. To learn more about the relationships we share, please click here.

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