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A Shrewsbury Story: Sophia and Charlie's Family

Keen to learn more about our incredible community, we speak to a Shrewsbury family every month to find out about their journey, their aspiration and their hopes for the future. This month is the turn of Sophia and Charlie's family - this is their story:


"Our eldest daughter joined Shrewsbury in 2021 and twelve months later Sophia was joined by her younger brother, Charlie. Their sister Isla will be in by August 2025. We deliberated long and hard about schools, considering which might provide the right level of challenge, support and social stimulation. When we saw the passion and focus of the teaching staff, we knew that Shrewsbury would be our school and both Sophia and Charlie have made exceptional progress during their time here."

"We particularly value the quality of communication from Shrewsbury staff and the community feel on campus. Having access to teachers and school leaders each morning and afternoon when we collect and drop off our children allows us to remain connected to the experiences our children enjoy at school each day."

"While Sophia and Charlie describe their time in the Aquatics Centre with particular passion, most of our favourite moments at school have been when inside the Auditorium. Performances, productions and plays run throughout the school year and greatly support the development of confidence among students."

"Sophia has really benefited from her recent step up into Year 1. It is clear that the progression and transition of children has been well thought out and we can see in her a growing sense of responsibility and desire."

"We have lived in Hong Kong for 10 years and have been living in Clearwater Bay for the last three, having first landed in Central. We love the diverse landscape and the variety of options available to us as a family. A usual weekend will involve a morning trip to Sai Kung to see the temples and the huge spider crabs at the restaurants on the seafront. Afternoons are often spent either on a beach, in a pool, or at a barbeque with friends."

Huge thanks to Laura and Michael for participating. To learn more about the relationships we share, please click here.

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