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A Shrewsbury Story: Dylan and Lara’s Family

Keen to learn more about our incredible community, we speak to a Shrewsbury family every month to find out about their journey, their aspiration and their hopes for the future. This month is the turn of Lara and Dylan’s family - this is their story:


"Dylan and Lara joined Shrewsbury at the start of the school year, one week after we landed in Hong Kong from rural Oxfordshire in the UK. We were looking for a school with a nurturing environment. One that valued emotional development and the fostering of independence. Shrewsbury has a strong reputation and was always one of the schools that we were keen to visit. The warmth of our introduction, the passion exhibited by members of staff and the views of current parents all supported our decision."

"We were able to walk to our previous school and knew everyone by name. Whilst initially daunted by the sheer size of the campus, the teachers made a tremendous effort to ensure that our children felt welcome and secure and kept in regular contact with us. Just a few weeks later, Dylan and Lara were happy, settled and travelling into school on their own by bus. We couldn’t believe how quickly they adapted. "

"We found the engagements with parents already enrolled uniquely illuminating. The Shrewsbury team were particularly helpful in this regard."

"Hong Kong offers all the benefits of city and country life. We are grateful for the access we enjoy to stunning beaches, an endless array of family-friendly activities and the rich food and culture. We are also excited for our children to receive an education that is internationally minded and forward thinking."

Huge thanks to Katie and Michael for participating. To learn more about the relationships we share, please click here.

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