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Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong, 10 Shek Kok Road, Tseung Kwan O


Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong, 10 Shek Kok Road, Tseung Kwan O

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The Shrewsbury Sparkle

There is a certain magic in the air here at Shrewsbury. While enormously proud of the progress our students make and the incredible range of opportunities supported by our beautiful campus, it is the relationships we share that truly define us.







MR LIANG, Y1 parent
The last twelve months have been challenging for all families, worldwide. We have coped well, largely thanks to the support available to us at school. When unable to spend time on campus, we have found the online resources incredibly helpful. The open communication, clear framework for learning and sequenced small group sessions have been particular highlights, but we are also particularly thankful to have been able to draw upon regular personal interaction with our teachers.

During our two day visit, we were impressed with everything we saw and everyone we met - the Principal and his leadership style is outstanding.  

STANLEY, y3 parent

Shrewsbury provides a passionate and internationally minded education.

Ms choi, reception parent
We began the school year online and, in spite of the obvious challenges, we were delighted at how quickly our son was able to adapt thanks to the strength and adaptability of the programme offered and the fantastic support provided by his teachers.
Mr yang, Y2 AND Y5 parent

Our children are happy and they have made enormous progress - we now know that we made a great decision!

Kim, y4 parent

We have had a great experience at Shrewsbury. Staff have all been tremendously kind and there is a great sense of enthusiasm throughout the school.

Liz, Y1 parent
I feel my child's school has done a fantastic job - they have worked hard to develop their online learning programme in partnership with parents.
Shrewsbury students are happy, motivated and proud - they speak openly of their appreciation for the care and support they receive. Parents highlight the quality of learning, a vibrant calendar of events and approachable and accessible school leaders as key enabling conditions in a productive partnership.
Tracy, Y3 parent
We have been welcomed into the school community with open arms. Children and families benefit enormously from an environment that promotes connection and collaboration - we have enjoyed so many changes to connect with others. My child has made astonishing progress at Shrewsbury - she is more confident, more articulate and has a wider range of interests. She adores her class teacher and has made an incredible range of friendships and connections.
Ms Shing, reception parent
My daughter is so proud of her place at Shrewsbury - she tells me she is in the best school in the world!
Sean, Y4 parent
My child loves going into class each morning - The teachers are incredibly professional, deeply engaging and hold high expectations of every child. Shrewsbury is an outstanding school with a fast growing reputation.
Cinnie, nursery parent

My son enjoys life at Shrewsbury very much - the staff are incredibly welcoming and he quickly made lots of new friends. He looks forward to going into school every single day.  

Joanna, RECEPTION and Y3 parent
We couldn’t have asked for better support on arrival. Regular pastoral calls and a fun and varied learning schedule helped my children to settle quickly. We are proud to be part of the Shrewsbury school community.
Raymond, Y4 parent

Just when you think it can't get any better, they raise the bar again. 

IRIS, Y2 parent

The teaching team are passionate and determined - we are delighted to be part of the school community.

Jeremy, EY1 parent
Our daughter very much enjoyed her first year at Shrewsbury in EY1. We found the environment to be extremely supportive, responsive, and caring.

What Our students Say


"We are learning and achieving both inside and outside the classroom everyday."



"We are kind, caring and compassionate - we work hard and always do our best. I love coming to school."


"I joined Shrewsbury with my sister last year - we are proud to be part of such an enthusiastic learning community."


What Our parents Say

"We are a passionate community with great enthusiasm in learning and development. We are well-connected, engaged and committed."


"We are a considerate community where people are mindful of others. The nurturing environment promotes the social, physical, psychological and moral development of each individual child."


"We are an enthusiastic and determined community. Be it on or off campus, we are eager to participate and dedicated to creating positive experiences with young children."


What Our Staff Say

"We are an innovative community with a creative mindset. We are open to change, willing to think big, and have unrelenting courage to challenge the norm."


"We are a supportive and caring community keen to ensure that everyone works towards their best potential and the outermost limits of what they imagine to be possible to achieve."


"We are an ambitious community of exceptional people, keen to make a difference to the lives of the students we work alongside."