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Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong, 10 Shek Kok Road, Tseung Kwan O


Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong, 10 Shek Kok Road, Tseung Kwan O

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"Moving to Hong Kong was a big decision for me. I am pleased to share that I have discovered a welcoming, friendly and excited staff team at Shrewsbury. With a real commitment to nurture, staff quickly bonded and since arrival, we have spent time exploring the city, finding new places to eat and hiking in the mountains.

At school I have already learned so much from my new colleagues. New working relationships have provided me with opportunities to introduce new ideas to my teaching. I feel both valued and supported.

Hong Kong is a unique place that offers an exciting mix of old and new, cityscapes and rural locations. You can do so much here: travel to the beach, visit a monastery in the mountains, soak up the atmosphere in Wan Chai or head to the shops in Central. For such a small place it offers an incredibly varied range of activity - and I still have lots more to discover.

Joining Shrewsbury has been a real adventure and an overwhelmingly positive experience. For anyone wondering whether to take the plunge, I say, go for it. It has been a brilliant choice for me."

Lissie – EY2 Teacher

"I was excited to join a new team - to be part of a founding group of teachers that help to shape a school. The reality has been even better than I might have imagined.

Staff at Shrewsbury have worked hard to establish strong and positive relationships. The strength of the team and the care provided have made it easy to settle. Living in accommodation beside the school grounds means I have a good quality of life - the transition from the UK has been seamless.

Professionally, I have been given greater confidence and the flexibility to work more autonomously for the benefit of my students. I’m learning from my colleagues and thoroughly enjoying the process.

Hong Kong is a great place to live too - the food, the people, the nightlife. There is so much to see and do. I look forward to continuing my journey at Shrewsbury and learning more about this amazing part of the world!"

Alex – Year 3 Teacher

"I moved directly to Hong Kong from the UK; the school supported me every step of the way. My arrival was easy, because everything has been so well prepared.

Teaching at Shrewsbury is an overwhelmingly positive experience. Driven by an aspirational set of overarching values, staff are offered a dynamic, fast-paced and creative environment. Innovation is promoted and encouraged, which allows us to design and deliver memorable learning opportunities. The views and opinions of teaching staff are valued - the leadership team listen and remain open to new ideas. The facilities available to students and staff are incredible. They allow us to offer an amazing range of opportunities and the open learning spaces provide a wonderful atmosphere in which to work.

I love living in Hong Kong - there is just so much to see and do. With beaches, mountain trails and an excellent range of shops and restaurants to explore, staff are kept well entertained at the weekends. Hong Kong has something for everyone and I would thoroughly recommend it."

Lewis – Key Stage Leader