The very first point of entry, a Shrewsbury Education begins in Nursery. During their first year with us, we help children to develop their identity, love and voice.


At Shrewsbury, we utilise a play centred framework to ensure that our youngest students explore and extend their interests and interactions. Children in Nursery classes learn through a process of personalised investigation guided by a highly skilled academic team who act to inspire purposeful, considered and conscious engagement - graduated access to a full specialist programme of study and a carefully managed series of interactions with older students provides a bedrock for further interconnection and the steady development of a supporting network.

“Nursery students are encouraged to explore their interests and motivations as their social interactions broaden - they develop a strong sense of personal identity and learn to cherish observable difference.” Emma Sutton, Assistant Principal


At Shrewsbury, we prioritise participation through positive praise and foster warm relationships that enable students to engage openly and with confidence. Children in Nursery classes are cared for by a nurturing academic team in a safe and inclusive learning environment - thematic study and close parental liaison ensures that home and school experiences are closely connected, while the steady building of enriching and inspirational specialist engagements deepen contextualised understanding and stimulate the emergence of a true passion for learning.

“Nursery students love school - the close and trusting relationships we share act to guide personalised exploration and stir deep fascination.”
Aileen Doyle, Nursery Lead


A willing and proactive voice supports wider engagement and the development of a nuanced, complex and personally defined view of the world.

At Shrewsbury, we offer a language-rich environment and support the development of independence through the considerate management of resources and learning behaviour. Children in Nursery classes learn to recognise and utilise engagement-specific language registers in their journey towards ever-increasing levels of linguistic fluency - story telling, singing and the explicit teaching of visual literacy skills and technical vocabulary acts in support of a broader programme of language enrichment, while performance provides a platform for application, exhibition and celebration.

“Nursery students use language expansively and with growing dexterity as a tool for widening access, understanding and engagement - they engage boldly and with confidence, empowered by their continually developing linguistic skills.” Ben Keeling, Principal


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