Year 1

The widening of capacity supports seamless entry to our Primary School. During Year 1, students develop their network, passion and view.

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Engagement with high quality English literature
Developing Chinese language fluency
Exploring Music, Drama and Movement

A broad, complex and diverse network of connection during early childhood has been proven to increase engagement, attainment and aspiration with lasting impact.

At Shrewsbury, we consciously build the range, depth and complexity of relationships students enjoy. Engagements shared by children in Year 1 classes are guided by a pedagogical approach founded upon the benefits of collaboration and enhanced by a learning environment that encourages regular interaction - the simultaneous introduction of our House system and widening of the Co-Curricular programme further broadens social and intellectual contact during this critical phase of childhood development.

“Students in Year 1 are required to interconnect, both formally and incidentally - they rehearse and refine their social skills and in doing so develop the positive learning habits required for critical analysis and creative solution.”
Ellie Woods, Year 1 Lead


A passion for independent exploration and deeper understanding acts as a key predictor of creative capacity and wider wellbeing.

At Shrewsbury, we embed founding skills purposefully in the knowledge that they will act to support an early emerging independence fundamental to the development of intrinsic motivation. Thematic application in Year 1 intensifies, allowing students to apply their increasingly sophisticated understanding of the world broadly and with confidence - curriculum content grows more complex, inspiring advanced study and extended investigation.

“Students in Year 1 apply an exceptional attitude to learning and personal development across the curriculum - fuelled by an infectious enthusiasm, their resourcefulness and curiosity allow them to deepen their appreciation for the complexity that surrounds them positively and proactively.”
Ben Keeling, Principal


A nuanced, complex and personally defined view of the world requires linguistic dexterity and an interconnected cognitive framework supportive of advanced function.

At Shrewsbury, we invest heavily in language development across the curriculum to ensure that students are able to articulate their thoughts and ideas effectively and in detail. Performance opportunities for students in Year 1 grow in both regularity and complexity allowing for interconnected application - we explicitly foster a singing culture and ensure that students benefit from regular opportunities to experiment, explore and expand their understanding of and appreciation for the lives of others.

“Students in Year 1 journey through a challenging thematic framework in order to develop a sensitivity for the complexity of the world around them - they are taught to think broadly and express themselves freely.”
Emma Sutton, Assistant Principal


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